When building the client's website, our team focused on the primary goal of the customer: sales.  The analytics prove how much our technology, ProspectsRevealed, has improved their overall website performance and has specifically helped them get more sales leads.

Logic Based Sales Leads

We launched this technology on a homebuilder website in Raleigh, NC. We have taken the traffic that already comes to their site through our other lead generation tactics, and applied logic so we can retarget their prospects even if they don't fill out a form on the site.


Use logic to better engage with traffic that is coming to a website before the prospect even fills out a contact form.  That engagement is developing and nurturing sales relationships stronger and faster, resulting in more appointments, better conversion rates and more sales. This logic is similar to what you find on retail sites that serve you recommendations based on your searches. Of course, some choose to fill out forms, so that gives us a head start on marketing back to them.


The biggest challenge to overcome was not having a dedicated salesperson to manage and nurture the increased amount of leads that started coming in upon launch. Keeping up with this amount of leads is very time consuming. Adding a customer relationship management system, and having a dedicated person to nurture the sales leads has helped overcome these challenges.
ProspectsRevealed is automated to reduce workload, and can integrate with the best CRM software applications, preventing human error.


Key Performance Indicators

Within three months of launching the site the KPIs are outstanding, and continue to improve daily.


Website Users


SEO Traffic






Do I have to get a new website to use Prospects Revealed?
Not necessarily. We will evaluate your site, and you will get a custom proposal. There are sites that will support the technology, and others will require new code.
How will Prospects Revealed work with my current website or my current CRM?
There are many options. We can integrate with your current site by adding code in the background, we can rebuild your site (and add SEO if necessary), and we can integrate with most of the top CRM database systems. We will prepare a custom quote for you, depending on your circumstances.
Can this program work for any company, any industry?
This program can work for any company or industry that has a sales cycle that warrants return visits to your website. Think retail sites that literally send you messages based on what you have been viewing on their site. Or, if it's a larger purchase, like a home, automobile or jewelry, as an example.
How often can I customize the messages?
The messages can be customized as necessary to increase engagement. And can be customized by market.
What kind of reports, analytics will I be able to see and how often?
We can generate reports as necessary, and you will see your leads increase in your CRM database.
If my company is in different markets, can I test it out in one market first?

Our Clients Speak


We have worked with Martin Communications for years. They manage all of our marketing needs, so when they developed this programming, we were excited to be their first client. So far, it has worked exactly as described, and our sales are proving that!

Jason Morrow, Managing Partner, Capitol City Homes

Ready to get Started?

For a custom proposal to integrate ProspectsRevealed to your website, please reach out to us.
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